My father in my everyday life

It was a cold chilly morning of December 1971. I was with my father on his Hercules bicycle to Navy Children School for my first interview. There were bunkers all around. He never said entering war. He said it's your day to listen to the questions patiently. Think and answers to them with confidence.… Continue reading My father in my everyday life


Are you a leaf, branch, or a root?

When I look back and wonder what made me name Ashwath, there was a lot of thought process behind it. There was a lot of inspiration from our epics and puranas & Vedas. But eventually I came was told to conclude Ashwath means "the holy tree where Buddha did meditate and gained lot of knowledge… Continue reading Are you a leaf, branch, or a root?

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Eastern & Oriental Express

If the intrigue of Orient - Express can make a perfect setting for Agatha Christie's "Murder on the Orient- Express", there can’t be anything more parallel to romantic and luxury travel as exploring South East Asia on board the Eastern & Oriental Express. South East Asia has always been renowned as a travellers' paradise, a… Continue reading Eastern & Oriental Express


Man Bites Dog is NEWS

Date:    Tuesday 20 January 2009 Place:    Mumbai Source: Mumbai Mirror, Page 3 There is Shaving Cream, Packets of Pickle, Pairs of Bermudas, Trousers, Jackets, Blankets, milk powder, detergent power. There are tooth brushes, tooth paste, tissue paper and other toiletries too. All made in Pakistan, and imported by terrorists who attacked Mumbai. One may buy… Continue reading Man Bites Dog is NEWS

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The Orient Express

Travel, Luxury and Comfort have always been a part of live for those looking for a Lifestyle Vacation. Staying at Luxury Hotels, Resorts, Palaces or Villas.  Cruising in Luxury Liners around the world. Driving at your pace along the most scenic drives or experiencing the sheer luxury and comfort in one of the legendary Pullmans… Continue reading The Orient Express

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61 Years – Building Powerful India

What a memorable gift on India's 61st Independence Day! We are proud.  India is Proud and we as Indians are Proud.   Date: 11 August 2008: Place: Beijing, China   There could not have been a better for India on her 61st birthday. The first ever Olympic Gold in any individual event, since 1896, by… Continue reading 61 Years – Building Powerful India